We donate £1.50 to the Woodland Trust every time you book ...

According to the Woodland Trust the cost per tonne of Woodland Carbon depends on several factors, including where the trees are planted and the scale of the planting. Large scale carbon offsetting (+2000 tonnes) can cost as little as £10 per tonne, while for smaller schemes the cost may rise to £15 per tonne.

An average van travelling 250 miles has a carbon footprint of 0.1 tonnes (source: www.carbonfootprint.com) which using the worst case figures above has a cost of £1.50. Therefore everytime you book a job with GMR Couriers we will donate £1.50 to the Woodland Trust.*

When you use GMR Couriers you will be offsetting all or some of the carbon generated by that journey and helping a UK Charity dedicated to the creation and protection of the UK's woodlands.

* Please note that for practical reasons donations are made periodically once sufficient funds have accumulated.

Please contact us for a quote or further information on our Carbon Offsetting